• 2 more new MCB moulds are available.

    Great News. In the past three months, two more new MCB molds are developed. Congrats to Shiminele co.,    
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  • How is the time relay adjusted?

    The time relay is a control device that realizes delay control by using electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle. It is available in a variety of types, including air damping, electric and electronic, and other types. Air-damped time relays are often used in AC circuits in the early days...
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  • Can a time relay be called a timer?

    Time relays can also be referred to as timers. The time relay is a kind of device for delay control, which is equivalent to a timer; and the timer is equivalent to a time relay in the relay circuit, which can be used for delay control in the program. Knowledge point extension: The time relay is a...
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  • How to choose a thermal relay?

    7.5KW motor, three-phase, rated working current is probably, here is the power factor P=3UI*COS&, calculated to be about 14A, When selecting a thermal relay, the rated 嗲 Liu is greater than the rated current of the motor, and then the operating current is adjusted to 1.15 times the rated cur...
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  • What is a thermal relay? What is its role?

    The thermal relay generates heat from the current flowing into the heat element; the bimetal piece with different expansion coefficients is deformed, and when the deformation reaches a certain distance, the link is pushed to cause the control circuit to be disconnected, thereby causing the contac...
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