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Konpayi an peye atansyon a rechèch pwodwi ak devlopman ak nouvo pwomosyon pwodwi.

Shanghai Shimin Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the new high-voltage and low-voltage electrical manufacturers in China. The company provides users with safe, energy-saving and cost-effective electrical products with mature product technology, original new management and excellent modern automatic equipment. The company insists on the manufacture of excellent products as the foundation and serves every customer with care. In just a few years, the products have gained good reputation in the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation and the end users of all provinces, cities and counties, and the healthy and healthy development of the company in the future. Laid a solid foundation.

  • 办公室 一角
  • 生产 车间 1
  • 生产 车间 2
  • 士民 厂房
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